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Why Advertising fails


It's your problem...not the merchants

Regardless of how effective you become at relationship sales, eventually you’ll need to schedule commercials to air; and I call that “reality sales”.  That’s right, the time you walk into a merchants door after you have sold them a schedule and put spots on the air is THE REALITY CHECK.  The relationship is still building, and more than anything will be that you as the sales person must know what to do on that next sales call.  But, before I get into that I am going to show you how to stack the deck in your favor.    Trust me, if you do just like everyone else in this business, you’ll get your teeth kicked in.  That hurts and you’ll never want to go back to that particular advertiser again. 

In all my experience, I discovered that advertising fails for 1 reason.  My first mentor Frank is actually the author of this theory; to me anyway.  Frank used to walk into a business that was new to us or our radio station and say to the owner “I heard something on our station that really ticked me off this morning”.  The owner would inquire as to what it was, assuming one of the DJ’s had slipped up and said something prohibited for “on-air” broadcast.  Frank would smile, look the owner in the eye and say “I heard a song.”  The merchant owner would further probe into the nature of the song…was it a prohibited song they wondered.  Frank would smile and reply with “nope, I prefer to hear commercials…nobody makes any money when we play songs”.  Everyone would laugh at his joke and he would move onto the purpose of his visit which was helping that merchant pay his or her bills. 

In reality, Frank had laid a foundation of thought in that owners mind.  He had flipped the idea over that commercials interrupted the music.  Make this your reality; it is the key to your success.  Think about it for a moment just how profound this is for you as a radio sales person to understand.  Next, understand how important this information is to transfer into your merchants thoughts.  The only reason we go into a business is to draw people from our listening audience into their store.  We charge the store owner a fee for that service.  The store owner sells his or her product or service to our listeners.  The owner must sell enough to cover the cost of the fee that the radio station charges.  Therefore, the 1 reason why advertising fails is because we, as sales reps, do not care if the owner makes money. 

If we care, then we work hard to figure out “how” to help every merchant succeed.  We stay up late at night and we study.  We read books.  We ask questions.   We follow the process from sale to creation of the ad to the schedule.  We go back and look the owner in the eye and ask: is it working?  When you are willing to do all this, then you’ll succeed.  Your merchant doesn’t care how much you know until they first know how much you care.   

The next step is to figure out how to put a successful schedule together.  With the right schedule and a good message, radio advertising works!

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